Cliff Buxton: Glenn, come here.
Glenn Latham: What?
Al Burnett: Every coordinate in this book has been changed.
Glenn Latham: Yeah... I changed them.
Al Burnett: You what?
Glenn Latham: I changed them.
Al Burnett: Why?
Glenn Latham: Because they were wrong.
Al Burnett: Why were they wrong?
Glenn Latham: Dunno.
Cliff Buxton: No, what about them was wrong?
Glenn Latham: Oh! Well, the figures NASA gave us were for the northern hemisphere... and we're in the southern hemisphere? I can change them back but then you'd be pointing in the wrong d...
Cliff Buxton: Glenn, it might be a good idea for you to tell us these things.
Glenn Latham: Oh, sure, I just didn't wanna worry you... Cuppa tea, Al?

Politician: Turns out that Parkes is the biggest radio telescope in the Southern Hemisphere.
Prime Minister: What's it doing in the middle of a sheep paddock?

Reporter: No offence, but NASA spends fifteen years, hundreds of millions of dollars so that we can watch man walk on the moon and in the end it falls to you blokes! I mean, how do you feel about that?
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: A lot better before you opened your trap!

Al Burnett: I stand corrected.
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: No, you're WRONG!
Al Burnett: Do we have a problem?
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: Yeah! You treat us like a pack of galahs!
Glenn Latham: That's a type of parrot.

Billy McIntyre: The engines are filling with hydrogen.
Mayor Bob McIntyre: Can they fix that?
Billy McIntyre: No, that means it's go for launch.
Mayor Bob McIntyre: Ohhh, *hydrogen*.

Cliff Buxton: My wife said something. She said, "Failure is never quite so frightening as regret".
Glenn Latham: Oh, that's good advice.
Cliff Buxton: Pretty good.
Glenn Latham: I wish somebody'd tell me that.

Marie McIntyre: If you ask me, I think it's the biggest chauvinistic exercise in the world.
May McIntyre: That's why nobody asks you, darling.

Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: That's bullshit. You just bullshitted NASA!

Glenn Latham: Everything's fine.
Al Burnett: Except we lost Apollo 11!
Glenn Latham: Oh, except for that.

Al Burnett: Are you telling me that NASA's prime receiving station has absolutely no idea where Apollo 11 is?
Glenn Latham: Yeah - it's on its way to the moon.

Mayor Bob McIntyre: My wife, May. She's the lemon.

Mayor Bob McIntyre: You've just got to tell them.
Cliff Buxton: That we lost Apollo 11?
Mayor Bob McIntyre: Well, I wouldn't say that first.
Cliff Buxton: What would you say first?
Mayor Bob McIntyre: How about "hey, you'll never guess what happened...”

Mayor Bob McIntyre: You remember that night at my place? Trying to sort out the contract with that fella from NASA? 'What about this? What about that?' Two hours, and you finally speak. 'Gentlemen, this should be the contract. We agree to support the Apollo 11 mission.' That was it - one sentence. They couldn't believe it. It was a wonderful moment.
Cliff Buxton: But this isn't.
Mayor Bob McIntyre: No, this is a shithouse moment.

[off screen]
Rudi Kellerman: Who goes there?
[sheep heard bleating]

Al Burnett: The Ambassador's coming. Space nut. Knows everything about Apollo 11.
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: Does he know where it is?

Al Burnett: Not everyone at NASA is a hotshot college genius. The guy I most admire is from a one-horse town in Ohio.
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: And what's he do?
Al Burnett: Tomorrow he's gonna walk on the moon.
Glenn Latham: ...Who's the guy?