due South

due South

The show. Canadian police comedy-drama. Four seasons and 67 episodes. 1994 to 1999. Cancelled twice and rescued by fans and the European media. Focuses on the working relationship between a RCMP officer and a Chicago cop and their criminal investigations. Plays on the stereotypical differences between Canadian and American culture. A lot funnier than it should be, often darker than you would expect it to be. Frequent use of magical realism.

Constable Benton Fraser

Constable Benton Fraser (played by Paul Gross). RCMP. Mountie. Canadian. Stereotypically polite and proper (probably scotchguarded at birth). Unwaveringly loyal and courageous. Unyielding. Chivalrous. A walking encyclopedia. Knows more than five languages. Beyond quirky. Sarcastic. Very dry sense of humor. Licks disgusting and dangerous things. Talks to his wolf, and to his deceased father who may or may not be there (it's rather Shakespearean). Has a usually well-hidden darker side. First class sharp shooter, but isn't allowed to use a gun outside Canada. Makes up for that by his excellent aim when throwing knives. Uses windows and fire escapes instead of the front door. Can ice skate, play hockey and baseball, and can sing (quite well).

Detective Raymond Vecchio

Detective Raymond Vecchio (played by David Marciano). Chicago police officer. American. Fraser's best friend. Loves his family, his job and fine designer clothing. Obsessed with his 1971 Buick Riviera. Loud. Doesn't know the meaning of the word "subtlety". Cynical. Suave. Street-smart. Trusts the threat of gun use. Fiercely loyal and protective. Can be very intimidating. Generous and good-hearted though he'd rather snark, complain and whine than admit it. Uses doors, but has a habit of kicking them in.

Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski

Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski (played by Callum Keith Rennie). The other Ray. Chicago police officer. American. Becomes Fraser's friend and partner. Nonconformist. Mercurial. Kind-hearted. Divorced, heart-broken and stalking his ex-wife. Street-smart. Experimental hair. Fond of sunglasses and biker boots. Has a pet turtle. Frequently threatens people to kick them. Shortsighted to the point of being blind without his (dorky) glasses. Thinks Fraser is a freak but will follow him virtually anywhere, regardless of the various insane and life-threatening circumstances, and he expects the same from Fraser.


Diefenbaker (played by Lincoln and Draco). Half-wolf. Chose to stay with Fraser after Fraser rescued him when Diefenbaker was still a pup. Saved Fraser from drowning and (purportedly) ended up deaf. Loyal. Independent. Stubborn. Generally smarter than Fraser and the Rays combined. Loves junk food. Loves Fraser. Probably in that order.