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Unstoppable: Benedict Cumberbatch (http://cumberbatch-fans.net): the English actor, best known for his roles in BBC's Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit

The fanlisting was opened on 30th May 2014 and has currently 43 + 1 members.

The Great Stoneface: Buster Keaton (http://fan.still-breathing.com/buster): the one and only Buster, brilliant silent film star (1895-1966)

The fanlisting was opened on 08th November 2004 and has currently 64 + 1 members.

Soft Warrior: Jackie Chan (http://fan.still-breathing.com/jackie/): the Chinese actor, stunt performer, director, and musician

The fanlisting was opened on 12th June 2012 and has currently 1143 + 0 members.

One of a Kind: Mark Hamill (http://fan.still-breathing.com/markhamill): best known for his role as Luke Skywalker, comic book author and an amazing voice actor

The fanlisting was opened on 05th December 2006 and has currently 60 + 1 members.

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