Rick: Alex I got a big job for you. I need you to stay here and protect the car.
Jonathan: I can do that!
Alex: Protect the car? Dad, just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm stupid. Dad!
Rick: Ehh...
Jonathan: If you see someone running out screaming, it's just me.
Rick: [to Alex about Jonathan] Maybe you should stay here and watch him.
Jonathan: Yes, now you're talking.

[after breaking the key of in the ignition]
Alex: You broke it. You broke it. You broke it.
Jonathan: Be quiet Alex. If there are going to be any hysterics, they should come from me.

Rick: Where the hell is Jonathan?
[Jonathan drives up in a 2-story bus]
Rick: What's the matter with my car?
Jonathan: I was forced to choose another means of transportation.
Rick: A double-decker bus?
Jonathan: [pointing to Alex] It was his idea.
Alex: Was not!
Jonathan: Was too!
Rick: Just go!
Alex: Was not!
Jonathan: Was too!

Jonathan: Oh, don't worry Alex, she's gone to a better place. Like it says in the good book.
Alex: Book? Book! That's it! That's it! [jumps up and grabs Jonathan] Come on Uncle Jon! Come on! Come on!

Jonathan: Out of my way Alex... I'm a professional.